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2014-15 Gas multi-year Application

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2015 Boiler Tune-up Bonus

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Boiler Tune-up and Steam Trap
Apps are being accepted now!

Applications for the $10 Boiler Tune-up Bonus and $10 Steam Trap Survey incentive are being accepted now for processing by our Program Team.
To download the applications for either/or both offers, click on the links in the column at left.
To qualify for the $10 Boiler Tune-up Bonus, you must complete your work and submit the application between now and Jan. 31, 2015.
The $10 Steam Trap Survey incentive is available for each survey performed – up to 50% of the paid incentives on repaired and/or replaced failed steam traps submitted as part of the same Application. Repair work must be completed within 6 months of survey.
If you have questions, contact your Program Outreach Team representative at 866.796.0512 (press Option 3) or email us at

Submit your Reservation Applications,
Final Applications now for processing

If you have a project that’s been completed, now is the time to submit your Final Application for processing and payment.
To ensure fast processing, make sure your Application includes all required documentation, such as invoices and specification sheets. The Application is available for download by clicking on the link in the column at left.
In addition, although funding for the 2014 Program year remains 100% Fully Allocated,* we’re still accepting Reservation Applications, and our Program Team is processing projects on a first-come, first-served basis.
You can submit your Reservation and Final Application electronically by hitting the “submit” button on the last page – or you can attach it to an email, print and fax it or mail it to our office.
If you have questions about your project, contact your Program Outreach Team representative at 866.796.0512 (press Option 3) or email us at
*To read the 100% Fully Allocated FAQs, click here.

Need a refresher on changes for 2015?

For a complete list of changes made to the 2015 Program, click here.
Three of the major changes have involved caps:
· There are no Facility caps for either electric or gas projects.
· The Project caps have been increased: to $250,000 for electric; to $200,000 for gas
· The Customer caps have been increased: to $1 million for electric customers; to $300,000 for gas customers.

Watch for new events to be listed

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be hosting a number of events that will not only cover the changes to the 2015 Program, but also will review the process for submitting a project for incentives from DTE Energy.
In addition, we will be scheduling workshops, seminars and other special events that will highlight specific and emerging energy efficiency technologies.
Click on our Events page link above to see the latest scheduled events and links to the registration for each.