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Four 2015 Program Kick-off events set for January
By now you should have received a formal email invitation to attend one of four 2015 Program Kick-off events scheduled in January.
At each event, we’ll provide a brief overview of the 2015 Program and a summary of the changes to incentives and capping.
We’ll also provide an overview of the 2015 New Construction program, which now offers incentives based on achieving LEED certification, in addition to the on-going Systems Approach. Also new this year, we’re offering a $1,500 incentive to help offset the cost of achieving LEED Certification.
Finally, we’ll review the various bonus offers that either continue or are launching with the start of the new Program Year.
This year’s presentation will feature several guest speakers, including Brindley Byrd from the Michigan Energy Efficiency Contractors Association, and Mary Templeton from Michigan Saves.
To learn more about each session – and to register for the one that fits your schedule, click on our Event page above.
Steam Trap Survey offer ends Jan. 31
You have until Jan. 31, 2015, to apply for and receive an additional $10-per-survey incentive for every steam trap survey you perform.
The offer is limited to 50% of the paid incentives on repaired and/or replaced steam traps submitted as part of the same Application and completed within six months of survey completion. Submit a Reservation Application before the repair work is completed and submit your Final Application no later than Jan. 31, 2015.
To learn more about this offer and to download the special 2015 Steam Trap Survey-Repair Application, click on the file at left.
Boiler Tune-up Bonus offer ends Jan. 31
Technicians who perform boiler tune-ups for DTE Energy gas customers have until Jan. 31, 2015, to complete tune-ups and apply for a $10 bonus for every tune-up he or she performs.
A special worksheet is required to be submitted along with the main Program Application. To download both the Application and the special 2015 Boiler Tune-up Bonus worksheet, click on the files at left.

Watch for new events in 2015
Over the coming weeks and months, we will be hosting a number of events that will not only cover the changes to the 2015 Program, but also will review the process for submitting a project for incentives from DTE Energy.
In addition, we will be scheduling workshops, seminars and other special events that will highlight specific and emerging energy efficiency technologies.
Click on our Events page above to see the latest scheduled events and links to the registration for each.