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34 incentives reduced, effective May 28

Effective May 28, 2014, incentives were reduced on nearly three dozen 2014 Program measures. A total of 34 measures were affected by the changes – including incentives for custom projects. These measure categories were affected:

• Interior HID to fluorescent
• HVAC controls
• Other HVAC
• Sensors and Controls
• VFDs for Process Pumps
• Custom
• Other HVAC
• HVAC Controls
• Pipe Wrap
• Process Gas
• Custom

In addition, four bonus and promotional programs were suspended: Express Small Business, Steam Trap Survey incentive, Boiler Tune-up bonus and Large Multi-year program.

Also affected by the incentives changes are related
portions of the New Construction Application.
The revised Applications with the new incentives
can be downloaded at right.
These changes were made in order to balance
the Program’s portfolio of custom, prescriptive
and new construction measures and to ensure as
many customers as possible have an opportunity to
participate in the Program.
While these necessary changes may impact some of
your businesses in the short term, by extending the
availability of all incentives, we can keep the Program
open for a longer period of time.
To see how the Program is performing, and the level of
funding remaining for the 2014, check the gauges on
this page every Monday morning.


2014 Program Catalog

2014 Program Application

2014 Program P&P

2014 Boiler/Furnace Tune-up Addendum

2014 Baseline Wattages for T12

2014 Project Invoice Summary (Excel)

2014 New Construction Application

New Construction P&P

2014 Multi-Measure/Michigan Saves Financing Application

2014-15 Large Gas Project Application

2014 Building Operator Certification Application

2014 Prescriptive Gas-HVAC/tune-up Application

2014 Steam Trap Survey Incentive Worksheet

2014 Boiler Tune-Up Worksheet

2014 Third Party Addendum

Designated Trade Ally

2014 Handout

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