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DTE Energy Efficiency
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Program News

Always download the latest application
April 28, 2017 – Periodically, we come across minor calculation issues that need to be addressed, which means you may not always have the latest version of the application. Going forward, we’re going to update our version numbers to reflect even the most minor revision, starting with Version 3.1 (watch for it).

To ensure you’re always working with the latest version, download the Application each time to prepare a project for submission. If you need to review the list of major changes we’ve made to the 2017 Program, click here.

Also, keep in mind that there’s been a change in using non-DLC lighting in both Prescriptive and Custom project (see below). Also, there’s a new Excel-based worksheet being used by our engineers to review custom incentives. To view a sample of this worksheet, click here.

New rules for non-DLC lighting
April 28, 2017 – New rules now apply to the use of non-DLC-listed lighting in your projects. Until the most recent change, only lighting listed by the DesignLights Consortium™ has been eligible for custom project incentives. For prescriptive projects, customers had a choice for some lighting: DLC or non-DLC, with a lower incentive offered for non-DLC lighting.

  • Now, however, you can receive DLC-level incentives for non-DLC lighting on certain prescriptive projects, but only if you submit the product for review by our engineers.

  • You can submit non-DLC lighting for custom projects, but only if you submit the project for review.

In both instances, to get that review, you must complete and submit our new Non-DLC Product Approval Form with your Reservation Application (if required).

Click here for a copy of our DLC lighting Fact Sheet. Click here for a copy of our new Non-DLC Product Approval Form. You can read the entire criteria for using non-DLC lighting in our revised Policies and Procedures Manual.

Don’t forget to use our new Steam Trap Summary form
April 28, 2017 – Remember to use our new summary form when testing and repairing or replacing stream traps. The Excel-based form allows you to select from several options: Reservation vs. Final application; Pre-trap condition (operating properly, failed open/leaking, failed closed, plugged, other); and Post-trap condition (n/a, repaired, replaced).
The form is available for download under the 2017 Documents dropdown (at left).

Project of the Month is about D&M Trucking
April 28, 2017 – Lighting is a large portion of the electricity consumption for any commercial space, and D&M Trucking is no exception. The specialty trucking repair center located in Detroit recently updated its lighting in an effort to lower monthly operating costs.
When working on trucks, or any vehicle for that matter, it’s important that the service area is well-lit to properly service vehicles and provides a quality environment for the repair technicians. In March, D&M Trucking updated the lighting in its repair shop and trucking center by installing new LEDs to improve lighting quality while lowering their monthly utility costs.

They brought on Designated Trade Ally and LED lighting specialist International Radiant & Mechanical Systems (IRMS) to replace outdated HIDs with more than 300 new DLC-listed LED fixtures, including recessed down light fixtures and 97W DLC-listed LED fixtures.

IRMS was instrumental in not only completing the project, but also in assisting with the application paperwork and bringing D&M Trucking more than $115,000 in DTE Energy incentives. The upgrades are estimated to save the shop 1,665,705 in annual kWh consumption and more than $180,000 in annual energy costs.

About DTE Project of the Month
Each month the DTE Energy Efficiency Program for Business will highlight an exceptional project completed by a Trade Ally. If you are a Trade Ally that would like to have one of your projects considered for our Project of the Month, please send an email to lauren.harris@dnvgl.com with the subject line “Project of the Month.